Nurse Inspiration 

          Nurses work hard every day we put our clogs on and head into work.  Day to day we sacrifice a piece of ourselves in order to give the best to our patients.  Our ability to put our own hardships aside to provide care make us kind of like superheroes. 

          Every now and again we all need a little nurse-love to gently remind us of why we became nurses... grab a coffee, check out this list of the best nurse inspiration quotes.   Take a break and remember, only the strongest hearts can become great nurses.

Practice compassion...

Being compassionate and showing care for others is one of the best ways to feed your soul.  You get back what you put out and if you aspire to improve the lives of others through your compassionate care and attention, you will get back a fulfillment like no other.

Stir in a little love...

Easily nurses can get bogged down by all the tasks that go into patient care.  Passing meds, dressing changes, documention -for example, all very important, but when you take the time to truly connect with your patients it will make a difference to not only the patient but to you as well.

Contentment in the service of others...

Nurses step up to manage the care of patients of all kinds.  What nurses will do, many would not.  What makes us agree to work long hours on our feet caring for patient after patient?  It must be a miracle!

Nurses supporting nurses...

Every nurse has a strength, every nurse has a weakness.  When we recognize the strengths and work to improve the weaknesses together, we become a stronger front and can accomplish amazing feats!  Be humbled and support your fellow nurse!

It runs through our veins...

Need I say more?  We all know nurses are made up of mostly coffee and pretty much have it running through our veins.  Most of us have risked being late to work waiting in line for our pre-shift coffee fix.  It's a problem!


Nurses are the foundation...

Without nurses could hospitals exist?  There are 2.9 million employed nurses in the United States alone... nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system.  Hospitals without nurses would be like a house without a foundation!  Respect!

Nurses make the world a better place...

Nurses have the ability to touch the lives of patients in a the most personal way.  We see them at their worst times and work with them to bring them back to health and wellness.  Nurses are heroes indeed!

Many heroes wear scrubs...

The nursing uniform has evolved from long skirts with aprons and hats to simple, comfy scrubs.  Capes wouldn't be practical for nurses, but maybe they would come in handy on those chilly nights on third shift.

Thank you, Obama...

Nurses make all the other aspects of healthcare work.  We implement protocols, create policy, and advocate for our patient's when no one else will.  The pulse of America's healthcare is driven by nurses.

A good heart is unforgettable...

There's nothing more flattering than when a patient remembers you for giving them compassionate care when they needed it most.  They don't have to remember your name, but they will remember you were their nurse.

Positivity is contagious...

One positive comment or encouraging word can make all the difference to turn a person's mood around.  Be a positive light and you'll not only attract more good vibes but you will spread them as well!

Rise up...

There's nothing like the feeling of knowing you helped a patient when they were at their worst.  Elevate your confidence by bringing others to be the best they can be.  The rewards are immense!

Finding yourself through service...


Employ your patience, fortitude, and determination in the service of others and you will learn who you truly are and how strong your character can be.


          A little inspiration can go a long way to invigorate your spirit and drive your practice.  Take the time once in a while to practice some "nurse-love" to remember why, in fact, you became a nurse. 

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         Thanks for reading!

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