Motivation for Nurse Professionals

Most people are aware that nurses work long hours, off shifts, nights, weekends, & holidays!  Nurse burnout is real and if we don't keep motivated we can easily lose our drive and focus.  Many nurses have fallen into the trap of stagnation, little growth, & personal development due to the harsh demands & realities of being a working RN.

Remember why you started nursing and lets go from there!  The possibilities of growth and achievement in our profession are nearly limitless... certifications, continuing education, advancement of degrees, mentor-ship, & entrepreneurship are all some of the ways we can embrace the profession of nursing and be motivated to grow and develop as professionals.  We don't just pass meds, we do so much more!  Enjoy some of my favorite motivational quotes to get you on track to meet your nursing goals!

Build your dreams...

For those nurse entrepreneurs out there... whether it's a side hustle or owning your own business, nurses have many opportunities to be their own boss.  If you dream of a day when you can make your own hours and answer to yourself... don't wait!  Now's the time to make the move - the first step is always the hardest!   Go for it and achieve your dream!

Do the work, see results...

If you aren't reaching your goals, ask yourself - am I working hard enough?  Success is achievable for all but only if you put the work in... otherwise you may find yourself going nowhere.  Hard work will pay off!

Get hungry...

Inevitably you will run into problems and hiccups on your journey to success, don't let them throw you off course.  Expect them, prepare for them, and crush them... move on!

Go get that bread...

We all need a rest day every now and again but if your rest days are turning into rest weeks... ask yourself what you can do to motivate yourself to be productive.  Staying motivated and focused will keep you on your path to success and eventually if all goes well, your bank account will thank you!

Your word is your bond...

In healthcare there are many aspects that are outside our control as nurses.  One thing you can always control is the integrity of your practice.  Be a trusted provider and colleague and show respect for others by always keeping your word and doing the right thing.  Naturally, you will develop a reputation for integrity & leadership and management will start to take notice!

Nothing's impossible...

The largest of tasks start the same for everyone, by taking the first step.  Whether it's 10 steps or 1,000 don't let your fear of a big undertaking keep you from achieving your goals.  If going back to school to further your education is your goal, start by contacting a recruiter.  If you wish to find work in a specialty area, start by researching your position and reaching out to managers.  Slow and steady progress will still get you to the finish line, and when you are there you'll be proud of yourself for accomplishing the impossible!

Confidence is key...

Often our biggest critic is ourselves.  When you believe in yourself amazing things start to happen... and if it's confidence you lack just FAKE IT 'TIL YOU MAKE IT!  Before you know it you will be on your way to achieving your goals - all because you chose to believe in yourself!

Unlock success...

Never underestimate the value of an education!  Going back to school to get your RN, BSN, MSN, or DNP can open doors and help you create the future you've always dreamed of.  Nursing professionals come in all forms and if you're willing to hit the books, opportunities will start to fall at your feet.

Know your potential...

For all you nursing students and new grad nurses out there... you've come so far all ready in school, clinical, and orientation.  Looking back at how far you've come just imagine how much farther you can go!  You may not know it all now as a brand new nurse and that's ok because as long as you see the potential you hold and believe in yourself you will succeed!

No Excuses...
Florence Nightingale

Nursing's crowned matriarch, Florence Nightingale, herself knew the secret to success was to keep working, keep hustling, keep killing it - no matter how hard or what the cost.  Excuses are for quitters, if you want to be a winner, don't fall into the bad habit of making excuses.  Own your circumstance and make the most of it, if you fall down - get up!  No excuses!

Push harder...

Change and growth come from pushing through the harder times and past the plateaus.  When things get uncomfortable that's when you know you're making a change!

Attitude is everything...

We've all heard this one before, but it's worth repeating over and over because ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!  Ever witness someone lose their mind over something so small or see someone deal with an incredible hardship with grace and tact?  In the end, it's not what happens to you but how you let it affect you.  Don't let the water into your boat, keep a positive attitude and keep moving forward.

Hard work pays off...

Nail your dream job, finish your degree...when you work hard and achieve your goals it makes you feel as if the sky's the limit to what you can accomplish!  Confidence comes from success after perseverance.

Go at your own pace...

Whatever your goals, don't let a slow pace make you give up!  Going back to school but you can only take one course at a time?  Fine!  Progress IS progress and you must be patient with the process!   If it takes you one year or five years, keep on moving forward to achieve your goals... everyone has their own pace!

With struggle comes strength...

The challenge of today will bring the change for tomorrow.  Don't avoid the struggle if it is paving the way for future triumphs!  Embrace adversity and great things will come because of it!

Good things come to those who EARN it...

Those two letters after your name come with blood, sweat, and tears attached to them.  Don't be fooled, nothing worthwhile comes without a cost but when you pay the price of hard work and determination you EARN your place as an RN!

Emulate greatness...

The best nurses are positive, hard-working, & team players.  We all want to work with the best... so be the best and lead by example.  Find a mentor to emulate and learn from, become the kind of nurse YOU would want to work with!

Embrace nursing...

Never "just a nurse!"  Nursing is the foundation of the medical field... we assess, treat, manage, and teach!  We wear as many hats as there are ill people to care for.  Nursing professionalism is essential to maintaining our standing as the most trusted profession.  Wear those letters proud and embrace your profession!

Don't sell yourself short...

Everyone has days they don't feel like the rock-star they really are... on those days, fake it until you make it!  By selling yourself short and not believing in your abilities, you will hold yourself back on making progress towards your goals.  If YOU don't believe in YOU, who will?  Be your own biggest fan and crush your goals!

Take steps in the right direction...

Nurses can easily get caught in the hustle of working long shifts and lose focus on days off.  Stay on track by evaluating your progress periodically and remembering why you've made the goal.  Steer clear of distractions and focus your energies on what will help you get to the end result.

Go outside your comfort zone...

If you want to see the most professional growth, step out of your comfort zone!  Positive change happens under adversity.  Accept a difficult patient assignment or enroll in a tough course knowing that challenges faced with a positive attitude and fortitude will provide confidence and valuable experience.   If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!

3 thoughts on “Motivation for Nurse Professionals”

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  2. Hey Leighann!

    Though I’m not a nurse, I find these quotes and affirmations to be very motivating. I’m sure it takes a lot to be a nurse, but I’m most certain that these lovely words will help a fellow nurse push through. Thank you!


    1. I agree, you don’t have to be a professional RN to provide a level of care to others and yourself which make many of these quotes relaeable and motivating, indeed! We all have a little “nurse” in us 🙂 Thank you for the comment! <3

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