Stethoscope Review

What better way to represent yourself in this nursing profession than your stethoscope! I have been privileged to be one of the first to use the Bjorn Hall Stockholm Series Stethoscope! Continue reading for my full review on this beautifully designed piece of medical equipment!

The Pitfalls of Being A Nurse’s Spouse: From the Nurse’s Perspective

Some think being married to a nurse is like striking gold, we are compassionate, patient, we make pretty good money, and have a reputation of being good in the sack, too. A lot of that is true, but there are some pretty significant pitfalls to having a spouse that also happens to be a nurse.

What Makes a Great Nurse

What is it that makes a good nurse, great? Is it one common quality or a variety of traits combined that makes a nurse special? Could it be having good time management, being a passionate patient advocate, or an expert critical thinker? Maybe a great nurse must be able to function effectively during an emergency or have a photographic memory of medication side effects and interactions.

The Four T’s of PostPartum Hemorrhage: What Labor Nurses Need to Know

Postpartum hemorrhage is one of the three leading causes of maternal mortality worldwide. It is estimated that one maternal death occurs every 4 minutes secondary to postpartum hemorrhage. Those who care for the postpartum patient should be familiar with the four T’s of postpartum hemorrhage. In many cases, postpartum hemorrhage is preventable with the correct management of labor and immediate postpartum care. Read on for more on the Four T’s of Postpartum Hemorrhage.

Going Above and Beyond: Gross Confessions of a Nurse

Often the idea of caring for patients and being a nurse can have a romantic, heroic appeal. Much like the nurse in the photo above, we imagine angelic versions of ourselves, curing a patient from an illness or easing the pain of a laboring mom. If I knew then what I know now about the things I would be doing as an R.N. I may have run screaming from the thought of EVER actually becoming a nurse.

Top 10 Simple New Years Resolutions for Nurses!

A New Years Resolution doesn’t have to be a life-altering, turn your life up-side down kind of goal. Pick a resolution that’s simple, but that makes a big impact. Continue reading for 10 top SIMPLE NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS professional nurses should make to get ahead, both professionally & in their personal life

Motivation for Nurse Professionals

Remember why you started nursing and lets go from there! The possibilities of growth and achievement in our profession are nearly limitless… certifications, continuing education, advancement of degrees, mentor-ship, & entrepreneurship are all some of the ways we can embrace the profession of nursing and be motivated to grow and develop as professionals. We don’t just pass meds, we do so much more! Enjoy some of my favorite motivational quotes to get you on track to meet your nursing goals!

6 Tips for Surviving the First 6 Months as a New Nurse

Going from student nurse to registered nurse for some is a big leap and has it’s own set of struggles. New nurses have to apply the knowledge they learned during their courses and clinical to tackle real life, complex patient assignments on busy hospital units. What advice would experienced nurses give their new graduate counterparts when starting a new job in patient care.

Nursing Care during a Blood Transfusion

One of the most common reasons for a transfusion of packed red blood cells (pRBC) is anemia. This can be due to an acute hemorrhage or chronic bleeding, renal failure, or some cancers. Despite years of research, scientists have been unable to replicate human blood products in a lab. Donor blood is required for any blood transfusion therapy.

Transfusion Reactions

A blood transfusion reaction can be a potentially fatal occurrence. Nurses must know the signs and symptoms of transfusion reactions and how to respond should a patient be affected. Continue reading to learn the different types of transfusion reactions and the nursing considerations that go along with each reaction.

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